Elephant 23

Seriously, what is Post-Internet Art?

Elephant’s summer issue canvasses opinions from Cory Arcangel, Camille Henrot, Mishka Henner and, of course, Bruce Lee, to form 60 pages of glitches, pixels, memes, Google Maps and celebrities on screens.

In the issue, we encounter Elmgreen & Dragset in the toilets of London’s Hayward Gallery on the tenth anniversary of Prada Marfa, walk down the streets of NYC with offbeat design genius Paul Sahre, and go down on the farm with Rachel Howard.

Meet the New Establishment: photographer Petra Collins, painter Michael Armitage, and sculptor Ben Woodeson.

Discover the subversive wit of children’s illustrator and erotic artist Tomi Ungerer in Journal.

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Art Mix
Art Consumption After the Internet
Emoji Smile
The Art World to Come
Monetizing and Preserving Digital Art

Open Files
Sinta Tantra
ORYX Foundation
Todd Hido
Super Dakota
Thomas Eggerer
Paul Wackers
Jenny Holzer

Paper Gallery One
David Noonan, Josh Alan

Show of the Times
Sean Scully, Scully Syndrome

New Establishment
Ben Woodeson
Eleanor Watson
Petra Collins
Michael Armitage
Joël Andrianomearisoa

Paper Gallery Two
DOS: Holly White, Jesse Darling,
Paul Kneale, Leslie Kulesh,
Michael Pybus, Takeshi Shiomitsu

Research: Post-Internet
You’ll Know It When You See It
Cory Arcangel
Camille Henrot
Mishka Henner
Like Bruce Lee Says: Be Water

Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset: Please Disrespect the Artworks
Rachel Howard: A Dedicated Unfollower of Fashion
OOPS! Office of Paul Sahre

Dream Harder Echigo-Tsumari
Do It Anyway (in Haifa)

On the Road with Tomi Ungerer
Touched Screens
10 Ideas: Po-Mo-Pop

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